Be Informed on Cavity Prevention

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Cavities can develop when plaque produces acids that eat away the tooth enamel and form a hole in the tooth. As a result, these cavities can result in a profound toothache and make the tooth sensitive to sources of heat or cold, as well as develop a stained appearance. If cavities are not treated properly, they can also cause you to experience dental pain, and increased risk of infection and even the eventual loss of the tooth.

We encourage you to learn how to prevent cavities through effective oral and lifestyle habits:

– Twice a day, thoroughly brush your teeth. Just rinsing your mouth with water is not enough to remove plaque, and it’s important to clean your teeth with a toothbrush regularly.

– Select a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is a natural fighter of cavities because it improves the quality of the tooth enamel by offering protection and strength and rebuilding weakened areas.

– Floss every single day. Since the tight spaces between teeth are an ideal place for plaque to accumulate, it’s important to use dental floss to clean these places.

– Maintain a healthy diet. Plaque feeds on the sugar and stickiness that can come from different foods. In fact, plaque bacteria relies on the sugar taken from food in order to grow and create the acids that affect tooth enamel.

– Limit the amount of soda and snacks you consume during the day. Frequently snacking or drinking sugary beverages provides constant sugar for the plaque bacteria so that it can produce lots of acids in your mouth.

– Schedule routine visits with the dentists. During your dental checkups, you can receive a professional exam and cleaning to treat or prevent cavities.

– Speak with the dentists about whether you should take fluoride supplements or have dental sealants placed to protect your smile against plaque and acid.

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